Min Alai is the official bulletin of TNEB Engineers’ Sangam, published on 18th of every month.It acts as a link between the members of sangam and carries the news of central and branch units.

                  It not only communicates the information of action taken in each and every issues but also conveys the spirit, emotions, feelings and belongingness among the members.

                 It carries our representations,board orders, current informations,functions of members, greetings, sorrows, requests etc.,

                  It not only reaches our members but also others in and around the board since our information’s are most reliable, authenticated and as in were as condition.

                 It is guided by the Editorial board and senior office bearers of existing and retired from service.

                 There were two bulletins published namely “ WHY? “by the Engineering Diploma Holders association ( EDHA)   very famous for its vibrant nature and sensational cartoons exposing the conditions of Diploma Engineers in TNEB  and “  MINALAI “ published by Engineers’ sangam. After the Historical merger of both the organizations on 14.11.1987 at Trichy it was decided to publish the bulletin in the name of “ MINALAI ”.

                   If you want yourself to be updated, very simple pay Rs.150/- annum as subscription to MINALAI and enjoy the benefits for 12 months. Your addition may increase the circulation above 7000 copies/ month.

                   This is (y)our bulletin. (y)our creations , articles, technical papers, news around us may make it more lively and useful. Reach us at minalai@tnebes.org.



MINALAI is edited byEr.R.SANKARAN, Secretary/ Publication and assisted by the Editorial committee.

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