"A friend in need is a friend in deed", looks like an old saying. But there are many facts and stories to prove it. Similarly an union which does not come to the rescue of its members when he is in need of financial assistance cannot be a complete one. An unique scheme devised for this purpose to the benefit of the members family is

                                      KAMADHENU BENEVOLENT FUND.
        Some say that this scheme is akin to an insurance scheme. But it is more than that. The amount collected from various individual members is disbursed to one Particular deceased member's family thereby bonding the relationship between all members and their families.
         The system is very simple. A member is duly enrolled by paying a meagre one time payment. Incase of the members death, Sangam comes to the financial rescue of his family by paying the benefit entitled to that family. Like any other scheme this one too has some reasons behind its implementation. Then Junior Construction Foreman at Tirunelveli Circle Engineer THIRUVASAGAM who was the sole bread winner of his family passed away neither the board nor the Sangam was prepared to financially assist the family of the deceased member. This made sangam to think and that laid the foundation for the birth of this excellent scheme  KBF-I.
           Initially the scheme was introduced with a benefit amount of Rs.10,000 has presently grown to its fifth phase known as
KBF-V with a benefit amount of Rs.3,00,000 for which a member has to pay an amount of Rs.5010/- only and also an Annual donation amount of Rs.500/-to the sangam annually.
           The Membership amount collected from the members are well invested in financial institutions run by the Government and made to increase multifolded. At present sangam is proud to have more than 1324 members in the KBF-IV scheme and
3354 members in KBF fifth scheme. The growth of this scheme will reap restitution when more members joined this scheme.
           "One today is worth two tomorrow". So members who are yet to enroll themselves in this scheme are requested to do so immediately, to save your family in your absence and also that of your co- members family. Sangam is prepared and it is upto you to reciprocate to avail the benefits of this Excellent Scheme.   
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