DATE Representation
13-05-2014 Maintaining and supplying of Standard design and size of RCC I PSC poles manufacturing of poles at boards pole casting yards -represented -Reg.
13-05-2014 Elecy -Posting of persons to unmanned sub-stations -urgent actionrequested -Reg.
13-05-2014 Displaying materials stock position -to assist -section officers -online I e-mail requested -Reg
08-05-2014 Publishing the seniority list of Assistant Executive Engineer / Electrical - requested -Reg
08-05-2014 Assistant Executive Engineer / NI -pending discussion -early date requested -Reg.
08-05-2014 Calling particulars for the preparation of Assistant Executive Engineer (Mechanical) panel-requested -Reg.
08-05-2014 Seniority list for Assistant Engineers (Electrical) -pending to be released-requested -Reg. 
21-04-2014 Thermal Allowance and Thermal Incentive bonus to FIVE employees of carrier communication staff working in T.T.P.S. -orders requested -Reg
16-04-2014 Gas Turbine Schemes -policy for posting staff to GTS and revising minimum years of service for issuing NOC -represented -Reg.
16-04-2014 Disbursement of all payments through bank account to officers working at T.T.P.S.-represented -Reg.
16-04-2014 Execution of extension / improvement schemes by Construction Wing - represented -Reg.
16-04-2014 Replacement of defective I outdated -computers, printers, hardwares, etc-urgent action -requested -Reg.
16-04-2014 Purchase of spares for MRT / Special (Maintenance) -urgent action requested -Reg.
16-04-2014 Disconnection and Re-connection -utilizing password of Revenue Supervisor Inspector of Assessment -represented -Reg.
16-04-2014 Assigning of CPF index number, Deduction of CPF subscriptions and issuing of annual account statement for the existing CPF account holders -Technical Assistants -represented -Reg.
16-04-2014 Execution of extension / improvement works through chit agreements uniform implementation in all Distribution Circles -represented -Reg.
28-03-2014 Proposal for forming of EE/E/GCC division by merging of SSE & TE at Trichy and shifting of H.Q. to Tanjore -to be dispensed -further represented -Reg.
27-03-2014 Assistant Executive Engineer / Non Independent -long pending demand - direction by CMD - date for discussion - requested - Reg.
27-03-2014 Promotions pending -clearance from the Election Commission -urgent action -requested -regarding.
15-03-2014 Technical Assistant / Direct recruitment -Acceptance of bonafide certificate for T.C -requested -regarding.
15-03-2014 Promotions -Obtaining General clearance from the Election Commission -urgent action -requested -regarding.
06-03-2014 Direct Recruitment - Non-receipt of appointment order - correction in name, address, date of birth etc., - urgent intervention - early rectification ­requested - Reg.
03-03-2014 Fitment table, illustration for the fixation of AE I JE and guidelines for internal selection fixations - requested - Reg.
03-03-2014 Assistant Executive Engineer / Non-Independent for the Junior Engineers Grade-I who have completed 14 years of service in the same post -without promotion -order -requested -Reg.
01-03-2014 Assistant Engineer (Internal Selection) -allotment orders -requested -Reg
14-02-2014 Extending leave on Private Affairs (LPA) -certain grievances -redressal -requested -Reg.
04-02-2014 Inter-se-seniority of Junior Engineer Grade-II (Electrical) -pending urgent action -requested -Reg.
03-02-2014 RWE -Technical Assistant -Internal Selection -reback to their parent circles -orders -requested -Reg.
24-01-2014 Protecting seniority of the employees -issuing of Internal Selection of Assistant Engineer and Technical Assistants -requested -Reg.
23-01-2014 Adopting government scale of pay for Technical Assistants in T.N.E.B.orders -requested -reg.
18-01-2014 Re-option -adopting G.O. - requested -Reg.
09-01-2014 Draft memorandum of settlement under section 12(3) of I.D. Act 1947incorporating clarity to the terms -requested -Reg.
04-01-2014 Settlement under I.D. Act -ratio of 2:3 and 2:2:1 among Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer Grade-I, Junior Engineer Grade-II -further points presented Reg.
03-01-2014 Redeployment of AEE, AE / JE posts for Krishnagiri Central Office ­ reconsideration - requested - Reg.
03-01-2014 Junior Engineer Grade-I (Electrical) - additional list to be called for -Reg.
28-12-2013 Assistant Engineer Internal Selection -approval of panels -protection of seniority -requested -Reg.
26-12-2013 TANGEDCO -Wage Revision Committee -Settlement u/s 18(1) of I.D. Act -relating to promotional avenues in GCC -terms to be incorporated represented -Reg.
19-12-2013 GC resolution - Take Action - reg
19-12-2013 Revision of work norms and wages -implementation of agreed demands as terms of settlement -finalization -requested -Reg.
19-12-2013 Promotions to the Post of Junior Engineer Gr II(Electrical) from Technical Assistants -pending due to Court cases -action for early promotions -requested -Reg.
26-11-2013 Discussion with unions -Agreed demands -pending implementation and Policy matters for discussion -points submitted -reg.
29-11-2010 Redeployment of Officials - Objection - Representation
26-11-2009 Telephone charges representation
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